If you are a parent or taking care of a kid, then you know that one important part of taking care of them is to ensure their oral health is in good shape. One of the best things to keep the teeth protected is through fluoride (เคลือบฟลูออไรด์, term in the Thai) treatment. What is fluoride and why is it important? Fluoride is a mineral which has the ability to slow or stop cavities from forming. What the fluoride does is it protects the teeth, specifically the enamel, hence, the reason why many products are infused with fluoride. One of the most effective ways to introduce fluoride to children is through fluoride varnish. 

What is fluoride varnish and should children get one?

Tooth decay can be prevented or slowed down with the application of fluoride (ฟลูออไรด์, term in Thai) varnish. If you bring your child to the dental office for a routine check-up, your pediatrician will initiate fluoride treatment. Fluoride varnish application can start as early as six months old. It is applied to the crown and lateral surfaces of every tooth and solidifies rapidly. Then, four to twelve hours later, it is dismissed. Children should have varnish applied two to four times a year till they are five years old. Fluoride has the ability to fortify tooth enamel (the outer layer of teeth). Along with routine fluoride application, there are other ways to keep the teeth protected such as the following:

  • Regular flossing
  • Brushing the teeth with the right toothpaste, especially the one fortified with fluoride.
  • It is a must to have a regular dental visit.

The safety of fluoride varnish in children 

One of the primary concerns of parents is the safety of fluoride varnish. Is it a safe procedure? Of course, it is.  Dentists and physicians perform fluoride varnish, which is harmless, to help shield children’s teeth from decaying. Fluoride is used sparingly and ingested in modest amounts. It sets rapidly after application. Then, four to twelve hours later, it is dismissed. Certain fluoride varnish brands cause teeth to appear yellow. Teeth from other manufacturers appear lifeless. That is why it is important to get fluoride varnish from board certified dentists. They can do the procedure in the safest and most comfortable way. After fluoride varnish, the teeth will be slightly discolored, but once fluoride varnish is brushed off, your child’s teeth will revert to their natural color. Most kids enjoy the flavour.

A child’s general health is greatly impacted by having healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, as a parent, it is your duty to keep your child’s oral health in best shape. Your child’s dentist will discuss healthy oral hygiene practices with you even before your child loses their first tooth. In order to assist prevent tooth decay; your kid’s pediatrician may suggest all sorts of preventative procedures to keep your child’s oral health in tiptop shape. Fluoride treatment is one of the best and safest ways to safeguard your child’s oral health. You can repeat this two to four times a year. The likelihood that your child may develop dental decay will determine how many treatments are necessary.