CBD oil and its immense health benefits for humans struggling with pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and more. But did you know CBD offers similar profound improvements in your canine companion’s life too?  CBD oil is revolutionizing health and wellness approaches for man’s best friend. Yet how does this unique hemp plant extract enhance comfort, mobility, and quality of life in dogs on a physiological level? Read on to explore the science of how and why CBD is truly a game-changing supplement for pets plagued by chronic issues. 

Endocannabinoid system

  • To grasp CBD oil’s therapeutic versatility, a brief primer on the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a crucial homeostatic network of cell receptors, enzymes, and neurotransmitters dispersed throughout the body and brain.  The ECS consists mainly of CB1 and CB2 receptors signaling molecules called endocannabinoid that bind to them. This critical system regulates an array of bodily functions to maintain equilibrium essential for health and survival. 
  • For example, balanced ECS tone modulates systems involved in mood, memory, movement coordination, immunity, hormone activity, respiration, thermoregulation, digestion, reproduction, and much more. Deficient ECS signaling underlies many hard-to-treat illnesses.
  • Intriguingly, plants like cannabis also produce molecules called phytocannabinoids that mimic endocannabinoids to modulate ECS activity. Chief among these is the well-known yet non-intoxicating compound CBD. Supplementing with CBD oil may optimize ECS function and general health from cellular communication to complete physiological processes. Now let’s explore the top science-backed benefits of balanced ECS signaling via CBD for dogs.

Fighting inflammation and pain

Chronic uncontrolled inflammation and nerve sensitization accelerate degenerative joint changes that devastate mobility in aging, overweight, or injured pets. The ensuing osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain make everything from standing up to going on walks increasingly difficult Mounting evidence reveals cbd oil for dogs powerfully suppresses inflammatory mediator release while desensitizing pain perception throughout the body.

CBD calms excessive immune responses by reducing pro-inflammatory signaling molecules like NF-kB. Simultaneously, CBD prevents neuronal excitability that allows pain signals to fire continuously. The latest research shows regular oral CBD administration significantly improved objective and subjective measures of pain and mobility in arthritic dogs within just weeks. Dogs also tolerated CBD well with no observed side effects. By fighting inflammation and dulling pain where it starts, CBD allows dogs to move more easily for improved strength and quality of life.

Quelling epileptic seizures

Beyond musculoskeletal issues, roughly 5% of canine companions suffer from idiopathic epilepsy – a complex neurological condition characterized by sudden recurrent seizures of variable intensity. Episodes often endanger the animal’s safety not to mention quality of life.

While current anticonvulsant medications for dogs help control seizures in about two-thirds of patients, they fail to stop them entirely and come with extensive adverse effects. However, emerging veterinary research highlights CBD supplementation as a promising adjunctive therapy for treating refractory seizures and stabilizing excitable brains.

CBD oil is the first FDA-approved drug for uncontrolled pediatric seizure disorders. How does it work? Scientists believe CBD protects over-excited neurons, suppresses excessive electrical activity in the brain, and disrupts runaway neurotransmitter release; all mechanisms involved in seizure genesis. Per clinical research, over 80% of epileptic dogs given CBD oil in conjunction with standard meds experienced at least a 33% reduction in monthly seizure frequency and severity. That’s good news for the 30% of canine patients who continue seizing on conventional anticonvulsants alone with no hope for improvement.