Women can face medical issues that are unknown to men. Fortunately, getting a female health screening package in Singapore can help detect, address, and prevent these gender-specific health issues.

However, many ladies may not know what they need to do or bring to their women health screening appointments to make the most of their visit. To help you have a successful checkup, here are a few things you should know and have for undergoing medical tests, assessments, and consultations.

4 Things You Should Bring To Your Women Health Screening

  1. A List Of Your Current Medications And Supplements. 

Ensure to bring a list of all the medications and supplements you currently take to your women health screening appointment. This note should include prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins. Your healthcare provider will need this information to guarantee that there will be no potential interactions or contraindications with any tests or treatments you may need.

  1. A List Of Your Past Surgeries Or Medical Procedures.

Inform your healthcare provider of any surgeries or procedures you have had. These treatments can affect your current condition and future healthcare service options. Whether you underwent a hysterectomy or breast surgery, you should tell your doctor about it before getting a female health screening package.

  1. A List Of Your Current Symptoms.

Even if you are not getting a women health screening for a specific issue, you should still inform them about any unusual sensation you currently experience. These symptoms can include changes in your menstrual cycle, breast abnormalities, or strange vaginal discharge.

  1. A List Of Your Family Medical History.

Letting your healthcare provider know about any family medical history relevant to your health is crucial for your checkup. If someone in your kin experienced conditions like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or other gender-specific illnesses, you should discuss them with your doctor during your women health screening. This information can help your specialist determine which tests you should get.

Preparing for your female health screening package in Singapore is crucial for ensuring you get the most out of your visit. By bringing a list of current medications and supplements, past surgeries or procedures, symptoms, and family medical history, you can help your healthcare provider make the best decisions for your health.

Remember to bring the four things above when undergoing women health screening appointments at Sunway Medical Centre. Check out its website to learn how to book a checkup with its specialist, who can help you learn about and take care of your wellness.