Are you considering weight loss surgery and want to know what you can expect during your first appointment with a bariatric surgeon? Navigating through the various types of weight loss surgery can be overwhelming, but with proper guidance and support, the journey can be much smoother. In this article, we will discuss what to expect at your initial consultation with a bariatric surgeon and provide insights on the journey ahead.

Getting to Know You

During your first appointment, the bariatric surgeon will gather detailed information about your medical history, previous weight loss attempts, current health conditions, and lifestyle habits. This information will help the surgeon determine if weight loss surgery is the correct option for you and tailor the procedure to suit your needs best.

The Different Procedures

Your bariatric surgeon in Maryland will want to discuss the different procedures available and help you determine which option suits your situation. They may discuss the benefits and risks of each procedure, the anticipated weight loss, and the possible impact on your overall health.

Some common types of weight loss surgery include gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding & sleeve gastrectomy. Each procedure has its benefits and risk factors, so it is essential to discuss your options with your surgeon.

Preparing for Surgery

Once you and your bariatric surgeon have determined the best weight loss surgery option for you, there will be essential steps to prepare for the procedure. These may include nutritional counseling, psychological evaluations, and various tests to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready for the surgery.

Discussing the Costs and Insurance Coverage

Before proceeding with your weight loss surgery, it’s essential to understand the costs involved and whether your insurance coverage will be sufficient. Your bariatric surgeon team can assist you with contacting your insurance company for eligibility and coverage information and help you navigate any financial concerns.

Support Group Sessions

It’s crucial to have ongoing support during your weight loss journey. Many bariatric surgery programs offer support group sessions for pre- and post-operative patients. These sessions provide invaluable guidance and emotional support as you navigate the challenges and successes of your weight loss journey.

Remember, choosing to undergo weight loss surgery and selecting the right bariatric surgeon is an important decision. By understanding what to expect during your first consultation, you can embark on this journey confidently. Our bariatric surgeon and their team are dedicated to your weight loss success & will guide you every step of the way.