There may be a situation in which you or a loved one will need additional oxygen if they are suffering from respiratory issues. It is overwhelming to navigate the world of concentrators and related medical equipment. One option many people consider is renting an oxygen concentrator for home use. It is a medical device that delivers concentrated oxygen through a mask. It works by taking in air from the surrounding environment and removing nitrogen, leaving behind pure oxygen that is delivered to the patient. There are several reasons why someone might choose to rent a rather than purchase one outright.

  • Buying a new oxygen concentrator be expensive, especially if you require additional features or higher flow rates. Renting allows you to get the equipment you need without paying the upfront cost.
  • If you only need supplemental oxygen for a short period say, after surgery or during recovery from an illness renting may make more sense than buying.
  • If you’re planning on traveling and need access to supplemental oxygen while on the go, renting a portable unit may be more practical than transporting your equipment.
  • Oxygen concentrators require regular maintenance and repairs. It may well be that the costs of renting your machine will be covered by the rental company if you decide to do so rather than owning it.

Things to consider when renting an oxygen concentrator

If you’ve decided renting an oxygen concentrator makes sense for your situation.

  • Before you rent an oxygen concentrator, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor. They should specify the flow rate and duration of oxygen therapy required.
  • Determine how long you’ll need to rent the equipment. Most rental companies offer weekly or monthly rates, so choose a period that aligns.
  • An oxygen concentrator can either be stationary or portable. Stationary units are larger and designed for use at home, while portable units are smaller and more lightweight for travel. 
  • The flow rate of an oxygen concentrator determines how much oxygen is delivered per minute. Your doctor will prescribe a specific flow rate based on your medical needs, so choose a machine that provides this level of support.
  • Oxygen is delivered through either a nasal cannula or a mask. Consider which delivery method is most comfortable for you.

Choosing a rental company

Once you’ve determined what type of concentrator you need, choose a reputable rental company. The rental company has the equipment in stock and available for your desired rental period. Look for a company with good customer reviews and responsive support staff in case any issues arise during your rental period. Ask about the company’s policies regarding maintenance and repairs. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible, compare the Oxygen concentrator price between different rental companies. When you require supplemental oxygen and invest in a machine outright, renting an oxygen concentrator may be an excellent solution for those who do not want the expense of buying the machine.