Soberlink, therefore, is available to assist alcoholics seeking recovery from alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder (AUD). It is a breathalyzer that detects both alcohol consumption and alcohol consumption alone. The Soberlink system uses a professional-grade breathalyzer connected wirelessly via a mobile phone to a cloud-based web portal.

Soberlink pairs a breathalyzer with cell phone technology, which directly submits the results of a breathalyzer test to the cloud-based web portal so that it can be reviewed by a probation office. Based in Huntington Beach, Soberlink Systems is a health tech company producing a drinking tracking system that can verify an individual’s status and sobriety in real-time — like, say, in a parent’s time. Because Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring devices are remotely capable, alcohol monitoring can be integrated with any lifestyle and schedule, without requiring an in-person commitment. You can read Soberlink monitoring device reviews for more information.

Keep Track of Alcohol Consumption

Instead of punishing parents for their perceived drinking, Soberlink’s alcohol testing devices enable parents to demonstrate sobriety seven days a week, or just at parenting time. With Soberlink, parents who have alcohol abuse histories are in control of their sobriety, as Soberlink helps them stay on track through periodic tests. Regular use of Soberlink allows the parent to debunk erroneous allegations of alcohol abuse because they can use the device from afar to demonstrate a pattern of sobriety.

On the other hand, if a co-parent is suffering from alcoholism, Soberlink may provide peace of mind knowing they are maintaining sobriety. Fortunately, you can use Soberlink to defend against wrongful accusations of alcohol abuse, as well as to defend your right to visit. If you are struggling with an addiction or are in the process of recovering from alcohol abuse, speak to a child custody attorney in League City to see if using Soberlink could protect your visitation privileges.

Conduct online test

If you are facing allegations of alcohol abuse, Soberlink can give you objective proof that you are sober throughout your time as a parent. Soberlink, a cutting-edge alcohol monitoring device, is currently being used in some California courts. The periodic tests and live reports provided by Soberlink make sure that everyone is on the same page. To conduct the tests, the specialized breathalyzer feeds alcohol levels for monitored clients, as well as verification of identification, directly into the cloud-based management software at Soberlink, all in real-time.

Because Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring devices are remote, their users can conduct tests at any desired frequency for all parties involved. The report shows not only how consistent an alcoholic has been using Soberlink, but what an alcoholics BAC might be should the test come back positive. Soberlink is one of the newer breathalyzers on the market that monitors for alcohol, and is already being used by law enforcement agencies as well as recovery centers for drug abuse. Praise was heaped on Soberlink recently when it was included in a consensus document from a group of experts on using remote monitoring for the clinical treatment of alcohol use disorders.