Humans are currently having a wide range of health issues. It may or may not be curable. Similar to this, piles are an issue for the majority of people. Piles or Hemorrhoids are a common issue for people. Treatments are available for piles. On the other hand, piles treatment is extremely difficult to bear. Because it causes our bodies more pain and stress. In step by step we learn about causes, types, symptoms and its treatment.

Common causes of piles

In our day today life humans are doing multitasks. But they are not taking care of themselves. Pile formation is the result of careless mistake and a change in lifestyle. A low fiber diet, not dinking enough water, obesity, regular heavy lifting, being pregnant, and sitting for long periods of time all common causes of piles. In step by step we learn about causes, types, symptoms and its treatment.

Types of piles 

There are two stages in a pile. They are hemorrhoids, both internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids 

Internal hemorrhoids are lies inside the rectum. The eyesight is not able to see it. It is a widespread ailment. Internal hemorrhoids are not harmful to human beings. It can be curable automatically. They produced symptoms of anus soreness, itchiness, bleeding and burning.

Thromboses hemorrhoid, if a clot forms as a result of blood pooling in an external hemorrhoids. It causes intense pain, swelling etc. 

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids on the outside usually develop around the anus. It is visible to the human eye. It is treatable with medicine. It is the cause of symptoms including excruciating pain, discomfort, nervousness, redness and a slowdown in physical activity.

 Keys indicators and symptoms of piles 

Some of the physical changes in our bodies result in piles. The body, however, resists those alterations. As a result, it results in piles. Itching around your anus is one of the primary signs and symptoms of piles. Your anus develops rashes as a result. It starts to aggravate and hurt. Once it lumped around anus, it began to bleep. You feel unpleasant and uneasy when you experience these sensations.


Some erratic behaviors are caused by piles. So, if we engage in some routine activities. The Piles can be treatable. Pile treatment includes both medical and self-care measures. Drink a lot of water first. Second, consume a lot of high-fiber foods frequently. It gives you a vibrant and healthy feeling. It you have pain or itching, take a warm bath. Use an ice pack that is towel-wrapped if you are uncomfortable. Do frequent exercise. Stop consuming alcohol. Utilize a tissue to wipe your body. Avoid using any painkillers. Don’t stay long time in restroom. When you have to poop, don’t hold it. Additionally, that can aid in recovering from piles. If you follow this treatment. You can definitely get rid from piles problem.


Humans always need some special care for their bodies. Piles are not a big problem. It is easily curable. There is none other than treatment for piles is surgery. Laser surgery is also highly recommended in the medical terms. But it makes you suffer a lot. Health body leads a healthy life.