The festivities of the holidays and special occasions are among the most difficult trying to lose weight or maintain the losses made. For those who are trying to weight loss Ahmedabad, festive seasons pose a dilemma of lots of food options and parties which do not allow people to follow strict diets and exercise regimes. Here are some tips that can assist you at such moments without losing sight of the objectives.

Portion Control: The Key to Enjoyment Without Overindulgence

Mindful Eating

Another useful approach to weight loss Ahmedabad during the holidays is conscious consumption of foods. It entails observing your eating patterns and really taking time to chew and enjoy your food, as this can led to avoiding overeating.

Smaller Plates, Smaller Portions

Choosing to use a small plate is a somewhat obvious way to control portion sizes since people will not be able to take large servings due to the size of the plate. These points are of most importance where food is plenty as is the usual case with buffets or during family functions.

Balanced Plates

Choose more vegetables and fruits to be half of your plate, lean proteins make up a quarter of your plate, and the rest is the whole grain. This makes it easier for you to avoid pressing caloric amounts while meeting the body’s necessary nutrient requirements for the preservation of muscle mass, all of which enable the achievement of your weight loss goals in Ahmedabad.

Making Healthier Choices

Prioritize Protein and Fiber

A diet that has many proteins and fibers enables an individual feel full for a longer time than when they are half full hence the ability to eat a lot is controlled. Lean meats, legumes and huge proportion of vegetables: all of the these are wonderful options, which are easy for weight loss in Ahmedabad, especially during the festive time.

Healthy Substitutions

Try with your diet to find ways to make enhancements in the recipes you usually pick. Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt, stick to whole grain bread and pasta and cut down on the sugar. Sometimes, what may seem to be little adjustments can go a long way without necessarily having an adverse effect on the taste.

Stay Hydrated

Besides facilitating digestion, taking a lot of water in a day assists one in avoiding the taking of more food than is required in the body. At times, our bodies signal that we are thirsty but in actual sense we are not hungry, and this makes it possible that hydrating ourselves may reduce occasions of taking snacks that we do not need.

Staying Active

Incorporate Exercise into Festivities

Exercise is also an important factor for weight loss even during holidays and exercises have to be continued. Ensure physical activities are well incorporated in some of the celebrations such as playing a cricket game, family jogging or dancing during parties.

Quick Workouts

When time is a constrain, leverage on the short circuit and highly intensive workouts, which take only 15-20 minutes. These could include cardiovascular movements such as bending, doing push-ups or burpees and they could be conducted from any place with no necessary tools.

Set Realistic Goals

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to exercising in holidays and one has to be a bit realistic when setting up the holiday goals. It’s ideal to fix the goal with the objective of not attaining a huge improvement but of retaining your stamina levels. This mindset can help in eradicating stress and can encourage people in practicing their duties to exercise.

Avoiding the Feeling of Deprivation

Allow Yourself Some Indulgence

If you over exclusively restrict your diet expecting to stick to your new year’s resolution of eating healthy during the holidays, then you’ll just be setting yourself for failure and may lead to overindulgence later. The diets of Ahmedabad recommended for weight loss should allow a person to enjoy their favorite meals and snacks yet at a smaller portion size.

Focus on Socializing

Filter out the rational and discard the food-based perception of the holidays and special occasions to focus on the social aspect. Avoid focusing on food as a form of entertainment, spend time with friends and family, talk, and do other things that would not remind people that they are on a diet.

Plan Ahead

If you are aware that you will be going for a party or any other occasion, adjust your diet for the day and have your last meal before that occasion. A wholesome and heavy meal in the morning and the middle of the day will keep your hunger pangs in check hence there are minimal chances of precipitating an appetite later in the day.


Staying in Ahmedabad to shed those extra kilos in the New Year and through the other festivities needs some serious planning and scheduling of proper diet intake and a working out lifestyle. Thus, portion control, use of healthier products, increased physical activity, and acceptable indulgence in festive meals may help you to succeed in weight loss successfully. Just a reminder that, the objective is to allow people to have fun and yet sustain a healthy lifestyle to go through various celebrations.