Head lice is an infection when tiny parasites such as lice infest a person’s head. Although this infestation is usually more frequent in children between 3 and 10 years old, lice can also affect the adult population, especially during the hot months and if they live with children at home. But how can adult lice be eliminated? The following article from LiceDoctors will explain the most effective way to remove lice in adults and some measures to prevent their appearance.

Addressing Myths: The Prevalence Of Lice In African American Hair

As we have anticipated, lice are parasites that invade an adult’s or child’s head to feed on their blood. These insects can live up to a month on a person’s scalp and are notable for their rapid reproduction (a female can lay up to 10 nits or eggs daily). However, how can we know that these insects have invaded a head? Next, we will give you the most common symptoms of head lice in adults:

Intense itching in the hair: if lately, you have had the urge to scratch insistently on the scalp or other areas such as the nape of the neck or behind the ears, you may have lice. Eggs or nits are identified by being on the scalp and look very similar to dandruff. However, unlike this, nits are not easily detached by shaking the hair.

Adult lice: although they are difficult to observe, these insects can be gray or red (if they have fed) and are usually in areas such as the nape of the neck and the back of the ears.

Difficulty sleeping: Lice are usually more active in the nocturnal phase, so if the itching is much more intense at night, you may have pediculosis.

How To Get Rid Of Lice In Adults

As we already know, lice are characterized by rapidly reproducing on our heads, so it is important to eliminate them as soon as possible. However, to get rid of them effectively, we are not recommended to use home remedies since many cannot kill the nits or completely kill the lice. The best way to eliminate lice in adults is to use specific treatments that stand out for being odorless and pesticide-free products, so their application will not cause any aggression to your hair.

What To Do To Prevent The Spread Of Head Lice

In addition to using a specific treatment to eliminate lice in adults, it is also recommended that you follow these guidelines to prevent the spread of lice:

Periodically check your head and the heads of other household members from time to time to detect lice. 

Wash clothes in hot water: wash other clothes, such as hats or caps, and leave them separate in a bag for 3 days since lice can survive off a head for approximately 48 hours.

Cut your hair: short hair prevents contagion and makes it easier to eliminate them. Learn here can black people have lice.