Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world with over a million cases diagnosed annually. Early detection and treatment can prevent the disease from spreading and save lives, such as a proper skin cancer screening in Singapore procedure from a reputable clinic.

The key is to inform yourself of everything and prepare things before the appointment. Let us learn more about them in this article to help you overcome the newbie jitters because it is your first time.

  1. Gather any relevant medical information before your appointment that may be relevant to your skin cancer screening, such as history within your family or any previous suspicious moles or growths. These things will help the doctor formulate a proper diagnosis or assess your situation as a skin patient. (Tip: Never lie about these things because keeping relevant information from the medical doctor only brings more harm than good.)
  2. Knowing your risk factors for skin cancer can help you, and the doctor, determine how often you should undergo screening. It can be the feature of having fair skin, a history of excessive sun exposure due to lifestyle & other activities, and a case of sunburn. These things can increase your risk, so take note if you experience any of them and immediately talk to your trusted skin cancer specialist in Singapore.
  3. Examine your skin before your appointment for any suspicious moles or growths. Look for asymmetrical moles, surfaces with uneven borders, parts with multiple colours, issues bigger than a pencil eraser, or imperfections changing in size or shape. These things might be symptoms, so be on the lookout and discuss them with your doctor.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment that allows easy access to any areas of your skin that need to be examined. Avoid wearing tight clothing or jewellery that may impede the examination because it is not only your face the skin cancer specialist will examine. It is necessary to prepare for a full-body exam when the need arises.
  5. Be honest with your doctor about any concerns or symptoms because lying brings more harm than good. For example, a trivial imperfection you overlooked might have been the answer to your diagnosis, but you kept it from the doctor, which made them fail to shed light on the issue.

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