Experiencing a pregnancy can be nerve-wrecking especially for the first time. It is important for pregnant women to be healthy to help the baby develop and grow well. Being healthy also helps to improve the process of labour and delivery. Aside from a healthy diet, supplements can make a big difference to the mother’s health. As we know, pregnant women need more nutrition and food alone may not be able to help. Hence, Blackmore supplement is here to help with pregnancy so that a mother-to-be can be assured they are getting the enough nutrients needed.

Taking a Blackmore supplement is surely the easiest, most convenient and quickest way to get that daily fix of nutrients everyday. Once a day of this is enough to keep you feel at ease from worrying if you are getting all the nutrients for you and your baby. People have been recommending this supplement because it does give you some boost of energy as pregnancy itself can make you easily wear off and help with those awful nauseous feelings.

Typically, to get all the 8 types of vitamin B, you may need to take a B complex supplement to get the full benefits of vitamin B. With Blackmore supplement, you can gain this vitamin B complex yet also attain other vital nutrients in just one capsule. Studies show that high folic acid (vitamin B9) is needed to prevent birth defects such as neural tube defects which can cause detrimental effects to the baby. This supplement has been developed with higher folic acid than the average supplement to support this cause. Along with vitamin B12, this further helps brain development in babies and the spinal cord.

This supplement also contains omega-3 which is usually provided by taking fish oil made from fatty fish. Omega-3 has been proved to help with the baby’s brain, eyes and nerve. Risk of allergies among infants can be greatly reduced when the mother takes adequate omega-3. It can also greatly benefit the mother by preventing early preterm labour and delivery, lowering risk for preeclampsia (hypertension during pregnancy that may complicate to seizure and affect vital organ such as brain, kidney and liver) and postpartum mood disorder which can greatly affect the mother emotional and mental wellbeing from taking a good care of her child.

Antioxidants from beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E can greatly reduce the free radical that could damage cells in the mother’s body and baby. Antioxidants greatly improve the baby development and help with fertility issues rising from both partner sides such as damaged reproductive cells. These nutrients boost the mother’s body immune system to avoid them from catching any infectious or inflammatory disease. Vitamin D is needed alongside calcium to help prevent baby from bone fragility, poor growth, and incidence for autoimmune disease.

Minerals like calcium, zinc, selenium, chromium, iodine and magnesium greatly benefit women in pregnancy. These minerals greatly help in enzymatic processes in the body and are often lacking in pregnant women due to increased body demand for the nutrients that are not covered well from daily meals alone. By taking this supplement, minerals help to prevent poor foetal development and complications at pregnancy. Supplementation of iron helps to avoid anaemia (low count of red blood cells) in pregnancy which can lead to premature birth.

Hence, investing in good supplements such as this Blackmore supplement provide a lot of benefits for the mother and the baby. Before taking any supplement, it is best to ask a physician first especially if you have other health issues or medications that may react with this supplement.