Urticaria is a raised, itchy rash that develops on the skin and is often referred to as hives, weals, welts, or nettle rash. It might only affect specific regions or one portion of the body. The rash can range in size from a few millimeters to the size of a palm and is typically deeply prickling. The rash often goes away within a few days or a week, even though the affected spot may change in appearance within one day.

Similarly, when treating urticaria or hives issues, homeopathic medicine aims to discover accompanying symptoms and so treat the cause as well. Homeopathic therapy can treat these diseases as a whole. One of the following homeopathic treatment for urticaria or hives problem may be suggested after a thorough discussion regarding predisposition and related symptoms.

Apis Mell

Patients who use this homeopathic treatment for hives experience isolated, painful, tender, itchy areas that turn purple and feel like bee stings at night. The skin around the affected area feels heated and there is a burning ache. Exercise and changing weather conditions make it worse and make itchy and burning much worse. Asthma may already exist in the patient.

Arsenic Album

Eating shellfish results in urticaria, which produces burning and agitation. Being near the ocean and entering the water makes the situation worse. A homeopathic drug called arsenic can be used to alleviate urticarial symptoms as lesions recede. The person may also be experiencing emotional distress, such as depression, hopelessness, indifference, and impatience. The restlessness increases in intensity as the lesions get worse. After midnight, it gets worse.

Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus, made from the poisonous ivy plant’s leaves and bark, has beneficial effects on various bodily functions, including the skin, joints, eyes, extremities, and general vitality. Moreover, this homeopathic treatment for urticaria is very effective against cellulitis, arthritis, fevers, etc. If the urticaria has a burning sensation and is an inflamed, reddish rash that is made worse by cold and made better by warmth, it is effective.

Urtica Urens

This homeopathic remedy, which is derived from a stinging nettle plant that itself has the propensity to cause urticaria, is used when urticaria results from bee stings or after consuming shellfish. The reoccurring red lesions, which have intense burning and itching, can be related to weather fluctuations.

Natrum Muriaticum

Sodium chloride, a common salt, is strengthened and its innate healing ability is brought to life. This homeopathic treatment is intended to treat chronic urticaria, where the lesions appear following significant irritation.


After taking this homeopathic remedy, a general prickly sensation sets in and worsens at night when it is cold and damp. The itchy hives are irregular white patches that are encircled by a crimson region. Violent coughing fits, swollen lymph nodes, fever, agitation, insomnia, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, a bitter taste in the mouth, and excruciating stomach pain are all symptoms of hives.

Final Words:

Hence, the above mentioned are the best homeopathy treatments for urticaria. There is also much homeopathic treatment for PCOSwhich are more effective and cure the illness. So, consult a homeopathy doctor to get rid of your health issues.