Every woman desires kissable and plump lips that not only enhance their feminity but also demonstrate their youth. While lip kits and lip liners can only make way for temporary illusions of larger and more impressive lips, lip augmentation surgery is a better option. But before going for it, many patients ask how many days of lip surgery to recuperate.

What Does Undergoing Chestnut-Shaped Lip Surgery Mean?

Lips become thinner as aging develops vertical wrinkles on our faces. Thinner lips make us appear older than our age. Chestnut-shaped lip surgery is one such cosmetic procedure that is designed to improve your lip size, shape, and appearance. The lip surgery focuses on restoring your lip’s youthful fullness.

Recovering From Lip Surgery: What To Know?

If you are concerned about how many days of lip surgery to recuperate (ทำปากกระจับ กี่วันถึงจะหาย, which is the term used in Thai), then be assured that your pain will start decreasing in 12-24 hours. The swelling is expected to reduce within 24-48 hours. However, many patients might have to wait for a week for the swelling to disappear completely. Scheduling the procedure a couple of weeks before your event is important if you want to recover completely.

What To Expect During The Recovery Time After Lip Surgery?

Patients might have to put up with some basic side effects, courtesy of the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, like redness, bruising, swelling, and bleeding. The side effects take around a couple of weeks to subside. In some cases, however, patients can take over-the-counter pain relievers as well. Post-recovery, they can even consider using ice packs and keeping their head elevated to reduce scarring and swelling.

Most people have reported returning to their normal life the following day of surgery. While others have reported facing mild pain followed by swelling after 3-4 days of surgery. Go for a license that is properly equipped with the latest technology and talented surgeons for better recovery.

Why Consulting Professionals Is Important For Quick Recovery

If you are determined on recovering quickly from lip surgery, then consulting an expert cosmetologist is important. Lip surgeries bring real-time risks, especially if the person conducting the surgery is unskilled and inexperienced. Your primary focus should be on looking for a qualified doctor who specializes in such kinds of surgeries.

Furthermore, the cosmetologist should also be able to brief you on your recovery timeline. Finding an experienced doctor helps if you are willing to discuss the ideal options based on your requirements. Lip surgeries are designed to promote your self-esteem but make sure you count only on an experienced individual for the same.