While there are a lot of different types of anxiety disorders people might see a counseling therapist in Brick, NJ for, most disorders are driven by similar things. People with any kind of anxiety tend to be overwhelmed easily and react in a more extreme negative way to situations and feelings that are unpleasant or uncomfortable. Without help most try to deal with the problem by avoiding those situations but that can often backfire and feed the issue.

Psychologists can help with anxiety disorders

Psychologists are qualified to help a lot of people including diagnosing and treating patients with anxiety disorders. With their help, a person can find more effective ways to cope and even overcome and live healthier lives. A big part of their approach includes a form of psychotherapy called CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients can learn to identify factors that can trigger or add to their anxiety and then learn how to better manage it. It means having an understanding of how their thoughts can add to the problem and then how to alter those thought patterns.

Patients can learn with a counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ techniques that can lower behaviors that come with their anxiety disorder. They are encouraged to learn how to approach those situations and things that trigger their anxiety so they can learn how to deal with it. This includes accepting that a lot of the things people are scared about might not even happen.

What you might expect

When you see a counseling therapist in Brick NJ or a psychologist for psychotherapy, the idea is the patient and the therapist work together to spot areas of concern, and to develop and work on skills and methods to help improve how they cope. As well as attending sessions with the therapist it will mean practicing skills in the real world to better deal with situations and things that make them uncomfortable. Psychologists will not force their patients to enter such situations though, until the patient has those skills and is ready to do it.  

There are other approaches a therapist might use as well as CBT. Family psychotherapy can be a way to help families who have issues with anxiety, or to help when a person in the family is struggling with a disorder and it is impacting their lives too. There is also group therapy, where several people with similar disorders get together and talk about their struggles. It can be a good way to show people they are not alone and give them another place where they have acceptance and support.


People who have an anxiety disorder can be helped. As well as seeing a highly trained psychologist or counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ, there are also medications that can help with some of the symptoms so they can better lead a more normal life. That can help until they have better learned some skills so that they are ready to manage their disorder without the medications, should that happen.