What to do when having a heart attack alone

Friday, October 4, 2019

/ by Salaar

A chance for first aid?

Without immediate emergency calls, without immediate and uninterrupted practice of cardiac massage, you can not save patients. However, by chance, or rather by the benefit of a long investment, athletes must undergo first aid training to obtain their professional diplomas. The treatment of heart attack, or rather a cardiac arrest, is a fundamental element of all programs. The practice of cardiac massage is an easy gesture that must be emphasized.

If you are alone while having a heart attack

You should be able to take care of yourself and immediately call emergencies. An ambulance can arrive after a few minutes. Without cardiac massage, these minutes would have been if not fatal, consecutive heavy neurological consequences. Indeed, it must be remembered, every minute of lost about a 10% chance of saving the victim. After 10 minutes without doing anything, there is almost no chance of saving the victim. So Cardiac message is very important for saving a life.

What are the signs that need to alert?

The symptoms are visible. The pain is in the chest, Intense, squeezing the chest, distressing (the patient feels like he is going to die). Pains in the chest, shortness of breath during exercise or stress are associated with angina pectoris. In sports people, this can simply be manifested by a decline in performance.
Chest pain is all the more alarming if it is brutal, oppressive and particularly persistent. It can be a sign of an infarction, especially if it feels like being squeezed tightly in the sternum, radiates to the back, stomach, jaw, shoulders, arm and hand lefts. It can be accompanied by sweats and nausea. However, the symptoms of infarction are sometimes more discreet (bloating, shortness of breath, intense fatigue) or completely nonexistent, especially among diabetics, women and the elderly.

The pain can spread to the jaw, left arm, the last two fingers of the left hand, both arms and sometimes to the back or stomach. It is a lasting pain, more than 20 minutes, much stronger and resists the taking of usual analgesics.

Stroke can also manifest itself in a variety of symptoms: severe unusual headaches, confusion, loss of balance, difficulty in speaking or understanding, sudden vision loss or loss, weakness or paralysis of vision. 'a limb or a whole body. In any case, you have to react quickly.

Shortness of breath, sweating, agitation, nausea or vomiting, persistent hiccups may be associated. In practice, any chest pain lasting more than 20 minutes is suspect and requires prompt consultation with the cardiologist for an electrocardiogram and a blood test.

Call emergencies

One thing is certain: if in doubt, call emergencies. We are fortunate to have excellent services in our countries. Anywhere in Europe, emergencies can be present in less than 15 minutes. It's both very fast and far too long when every minute counts. These emergency standards are directed by medical regulators who can guide those who alert. Indeed, these professionals are better and better trained to take charge of a remote accident. they know how to better calm and face a serious accident.

Rescuers and novices also have the chance to download free applications on their smartphones to better react and get help from their neighbors if needed

What are the emergency treatments?

Percutaneous procedures, such as stenting, have become routine procedures. This involves introducing a small spring (stent) with a catheter to keep the artery open where it was obstructed. I personally realize between 8 and 10 per day. It takes less than half an hour, and without the need to open the patient, whereas twenty years ago, it was a heavy and very risky operation that lasted several hours A patient who has had such a procedure can have a life expectancy that is almost identical to that of someone who is not sick.

Do some sport activity for the prevention

Performing a sports activity each day for one hour helps to keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart failure. This is proven by a recent Swedish scientific study.

According to researchers at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, an hour of moderate sport (swimming, jogging, etc.) or half an hour of sustained intensity (competition) would reduce heart failure by 46%.

This study, published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation: Heart Failure, focused on analyzing the medical data of 39,805 people aged 20 to 90 years.

The volunteers had to answer questions about their daily habits, and especially about the frequency of their physical activity.

Scientists have noticed that the more active the person is, the lower their risk of heart failure. "You do not need to run a marathon to enjoy the benefits of your physical activity, even a very little activity can produce positive effects," says Professor Kasper Andersen, co-author of this study.

The World Health Organization already recommends adults to practice at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.

Treat yourself with your diet

Diet is very important for your overall health and for your heart also... I would recommend appointing a heart specialist and nutrition to give you a proper diet plan to keep your heart healthy and stronger. With proper diet, you can definitely fight with your disease. Along with, use pure dairy products because they are high in potassium to lower your blood pressure.

All kinds of berries like blueberries, strawberry, and vegetables can b a good choice for a heart patient. Avoid oily items and fast food as it is not healthy and a heart patient can not afford such a kind of diet.

Stress and smoking.

Yes, smoking kills! so when people smoke usually? when they are having stress. so it is good for you to take all these factors seriously. whenever you wanna smoke, just go for a walk in nature and feel your living self.


There are so many people who die just because of heart problems. Being a heart patient you need to be very careful and serious with your health... if you do so, you can beat your disease.... Stay happy

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