Home remedy to treat clogged arteries

sometimes due to unhealthy lifestyle arteries are clogged so my heart cares provide natural home remedies for clogged arteries,which is Home remedy to treat clogged arteries naturally

Sunday, February 24, 2019

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Home remedy to treat clogged arteries

Home remedy to treat clogged arteries.

Sometimes due to unhealthy lifestyle arteries are clogged so my heart cares provide natural home remedies for clogged arteriesHome remedy to treat clogged arteries naturally.

Our blood travels to the other parts of our body through the arteries. Sometimes they can get clogged due to various reasons such as poor diet or chronic illness. Also, another factor may be cholesterol.

Having this problem with clogged arteries you may experience some health issues such as heart failure, high blood pressure or even the worst death.

However, taking care of the arteries is easier than you think. You just have to pay a little attention to your diet and try to avoid too many snacks with sugar, fried food, and too much red meat. Also, you can do some exercising and try some natural remedies as well. Bellow, you can read about 3 natural things that are very helpful regarding clogged arteries.

The ginger is a powerful antioxidant with the power to break down the cholesterol. People are using it for headaches and nausea and according to many studies, it is also helpful for lowering the level of cholesterol and plaque deposits in our arteries.

You can consume the ginger in various ways. You can drink it as tea, cook it in your food, consume it raw in a small amount or take a powder in capsules. However don’t consume too much because you will have side effects like for example bloating and heartburn.

The garlic is lowering the high level of cholesterol however only for a short-term time. It is also lowering the blood pressure which can help in lowering the cholesterol. Other Garlic benefits are having antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.

Despite adding the garlic in your food you can also take some supplements. However, you should be aware that it can cause you some stomach problems.

All of us know that the lemon has a lot of benefits. It is helpful for our digestive system, for the health of our skin and liver, and it this case for lowering the level of cholesterol due to the vitamin C it includes. Thus, it is also lowering the effect of clogged arteries because the citric acid is lowering the plague deposit.

It is very easy to consume the lemon. You can add its juice in your salads and meals, in other beverages and tea.

However, be careful not to consume too much because it can cause stomach issues, so it is best to balance it with alkaline food such as fish and healthy oils. Furthermore too much lemon is bad for our teeth because it can damage the enamel, so it is suggested to drink a glass of water after consuming lemon.

This recipe is created by My Heart Care. and it is a mixture of the 3 ingredients plus honey. The taste may be a little strange however it is really helpful for people having too much fat in their arteries. It is suggested to consume this mix before you have your breakfast.

Pay attention to balance your food in order not to have any stomach problems later and to avoid the build up in your arteries. It takes a lot of effort to change your diet, however, your health in general will be improved.

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